Click to Download Available from YouTube… Finally!

I am sure you can find a way or two to download stuff from YouTube, but the truth is that YouTube not offering one official download option was pretty annoying. If you haven’t spotted it already, YouTube has taken a new approach to the whole download thing. A “Click to Download” button is available on some of the videos it stores. Guess what that button does? It downloads them to your computer.

You will be able to download the videos in .MP4 format to view them all later. On the other hand why would you need to download the videos that YouTube already stores for free? And since YouTube’s Terms and Conditions state that videos can’t be downloaded we will be curios to see where the company is going with this. Will that “Click to Download” button be implemented in more and more videos in the future?

Oh, and the button is in that left hand side lower corner, just under the video!

via iTwire