Cisco Music Returns to SACD With Pop Music Series [HFR]

Cisco Music has released a new SACD by singer Clair Marlo as part of their return to the SACD format. The release is the first SACD in their newly announced popular music series.

In 1999, Cisco Music released a Hybrid Stereo SACD entitled Little Things Mean A Lot by Ayako Hosakawa (Cisco Music SCD 2022). The SACD featured Hosakawa, a popular singer in Japan, performing a number of well known standards. Since that time, Cisco has focused on Gold CD and Vinyl LP releases.

Cisco Popular Music SACDs
Heading in a new direction this year, Cisco Music has announced their plans to issue a series of popular music audiophile discs. Titles in the Cisco Music popular music series will be released on both Hybrid Layer Stereo SACD (playable on both SACD and CD players) and Vinyl LP formats.

Leading off the series is Let It Go by Clair Marlo (Cisco Music SCD 2033). The original version of Let It Go appeared on the Sheffield Lab label on Vinyl LP in 1990. The album was recorded live direct to 2 track by Bill Schnee and features a number of well known session artists including Leland Sklar, Abraham Laboriel, Dean Parks, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, Luis Conte, Randy Kerber, Brandon Fields and Craig Fuller.

For the SACD version, the original direct to 2 track master tapes were used. The SACD was remastered at AcousTech Mastering by Kevin Gray and Robert Silger. Lon Neumann of the Sony SACD Project in Hollywood served as the album’s DSD Engineer.

The new Hybrid Stereo SACD features all of the tracks on the original vinyl LP plus 3 bonus tracks. The album song line up is as follows:

Album Selections
1. ‘Til They Take My Heart Away
2. Lonely Nights
3. Let It Go
4. It’s Just the Motion
5. Without Me
6. A Major Technicality
7. Do You Love Me
8. All for the Feeling
9. I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)
10. Where You Are
11. Too Close [SACD Bonus Track]
12. Meditation [SACD Bonus Track]
13. Fallen Soldiers [SACD Bonus Track]

Cisco Music’s SACD of Let It Go by Clair Marlo is now available from several web stores that carry SACDs including Acoustic Sounds, Elusive Disc and Music Direct.

Next Up In The Cisco Music SACD Series
Now that the Clair Marlo SACD is available, Cisco has already set the next disc in this series. It will be a Hybrid Stereo SACD of the album The Well by Jennifer Warnes (Cisco Music SCD 2034). This album was originally issued as a Stereo CD on the Sin-Drome Records label. It is scheduled to be released on Hybrid Stereo SACD by Cisco Music in August.