Cipher Labs 9400 Series Industrial Mobile Computer

CipherLab, global leader in Automated Identification and Data Capture, has launched 9400 Series Industrial Mobile Computer. A perfect device for retailers, sales personnel etc, the device is compatible with all wireless platforms for example Wi Fi, Blue tooth and Quad band EDGE RF.

When in WLAN mode, it provides 8 hours of battery backup. The VOIP compatible 9400 mobile computer has an in-built digital camera, multi scanning options and a touch screen or keyboard form of data input. The easy to use 9400 can read RFID tags and has Windows graphics. Since most of the users are already comfortable with Windows, so the training time is reduced considerably.

With a resolution of 2M pixels and 3.5” touch screen with high resolution VGA display, the device gives a high quality picture. The ruggedly constructed, multi modal wireless device has two keypad options. One can also choose between a linear image, 2D image or laser scanner.

Via: Businesswire