CinemaShop Ultimate Theater Seat

Get ready to enjoy an ultimate Home Theater experience with the newly launched CinemaShop Ultimate Theater Seat. As the name suggests, this one has been especially designed for home theater entertainment. This seat creates a superior and comfortable home cinema for the user. Call it a seat, couch or sofa, it aims to give you a relaxing seating.

The new CinemaShop Ultimate Theater Seat has been developed as a ‘human audio interface’ to work in unison with your audio system. This perfect recliner comes featuring twin independent motor for separate adjustment of the back and ottoman sections so that the user get a perfect body positioning.

CinemaShop Ultimate Theater Seat rests atop a ten-gauge steel frame with four-inch laminated foam and handcrafted coverings. It also features products from Clark Synthesis, Crowson Technology and I BEAM for a three-tier assault on your ears. Offering you a louder listening level, this seat comes in various sizes. It is priced around $2500.