Chunghop Universal Remote Review-Inexpensive But Utilitarian

Sometimes you just need a product that can get the job done.  And the Chunghop Universal Remote definitely falls into that class.

Basically, it’s a universal remote, with all that entails.  It’s designed to be a functional replacement for any of a host of remote possibilities, including DVD players, cable receivers and television sets.  Most of the major brands are actually compatible with the Chunghop, and there are actually only a handful that I know of that aren’t.  The remote itself handles very smoothly, with programming codes input via numerical keypad.

There are a couple downsides to this remote, though–my biggest problem is that it can’t handle a Dish Network receiver but it CAN handle a Direct TV receiver.  That’s a pretty glaring omission as far as I’m concerned.  Also, some functions are a little cumbersome on this one, especially just starting out.

But, the Chunghop is actually a great remote once you get past the learning curve.  It’ll do the job nicely, and considering that you can actually buy these for under eight bucks a crack, that’s definitely a reason to sit up and take notice.  If you can’t find your remote any more, you may want to consider a Chunghop.

Oh, and a special note for Cyber Theatre readers–the folks out at, who sent us one of these to try out, also has a special offer.  If you do go pick one of these up,  at the checkout, use coupon code SM5OFF17 for five percent off your order.  Pretty sweet, no?