Chief CM8T15U Automated Tilt Mount


You can get the smooth flat panel tilt with single click of a button, thanks to Chief’s recently launched CM8T15U automated tilt mount. When the TV is turned ON, the automated tilt is provided and when it is turned off, it goes to a low-profile flush position automatically.

Get a motorized tilt of 13 degrees down and 2 degrees up with the new tilt mount. This ensures removal of obstacles when the flat panel mount is to be mounted above the viewing height. The CM8T15U stays at 3.6” away from the wall and easily blends into your room’s decor.


While the Glide Lock latching mechanism enables you to undergo a safe installation, the IR remote control or optical sensor ensures ease of use. Chief has not yet disclosed the price for the mount but one thing is sure that you will get hands on it very soon.

Via: Press