Chesky Announces Plans to Move to An All Super Audio CD Release Schedule in 2007

David Chesky, the owner of Chesky Records, has announced plans to convert the New York-based audiophile label’s releases to Single Inventory Super Audio CDs starting in August 2007. The news comes on the heels of the label’s new New York Sessions series of Jazz recordings which will be released as Hybrid Layer Surround Sound SACDs starting this month on August 15th. (See our earlier story on the Chesky New York Sessions Super Audio CDs linked below).

Chesky’s announcement follows in the footsteps of several Classical Music record labels in Europe such as Channel Classics and PentaTone that have released most, if not all, of their recent albums solely as Single Inventory, Hybrid Layer, Surround Sound Super Audio CDs.

The Word from David Chesky
According to a report in the latest edition of HD World, Sony Europe’s monthly newsletter on Sony’s High Definition products which include Super Audio CD, Direct Stream Digital recording and the Blu-Ray Video Disc format, Chesky’s plans for Super Audio CD go beyond their new jazz SACD series to include more Super Audio CD releases during 2007 and then moving to releasing all of their music discs as Hybrid SACDs starting a year from now.

HD World quotes David Chesky as saying that “This new series marks a strategic milestone for Chesky Records. We believe that Super Audio CD is a much superior music format to the compact disc and we intend to release all our music as hybrid Super Audio CDs in the future. From August 2007, Chesky Records will release all its music as Super Audio CDs.”

Chesky’s quotes are in line with his previous comments on High Resolution audio releases. In the past Chesky has noted that “we have the tools to give you such a better ride with a High Resolution audio disc than a CD”. Apparently he now plans to do just that!

Another SACD Release In The Chesky New York Sessions Series in September
Also announced this week was the September line-up of the Chesky New York Sessions SACDs. Due in music stores on September 26th will be Traffic by Larry Coryell, Lenny White and Victor Bailey (Chesky SACD 322) and the newly announced Surround Sound SACD titled “The World’s Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings” (Chesky SACD 323). We will watch for details on the track line up for this one.