Chandos Announces Plans to Release SACD Discs

UK based Chandos is the latest record company to announce plans to release discs in the SACD format. Chandos specializes in Classical Music releases and says that they are the world’s largest independent classical record company.

The Chandos SACDs will appear on Hybrid SACD discs which are playable on both CD and SACD equipment. The initial Chandos SACD release will feature both Stereo SACD and 5 Channel Multichannel/Stereo SACD albums.

According to an editorial on the Chandos web site

“Chandos is releasing SACD because the industry seems to feel that it is the purest audio option available. Most major and independent record companies are going down this route, and we do also know that many of the so-called ‘golden ears’ in the music industry are behind SACD.”

The Boston Modern Orchestra Project on SACD
One of the early SACD releases on Chandos will be from the Boston Modern Orchestra Project (BMOP). According to BMOP’s web site,

“BMOP’s second commercial recording, Lukas Foss’s Griffelkin, will appear on the Chandos label in the much anticipated SACD format in late 2002 or early 2003.”

More Information on the Chandos SACD Releases
We expect to get more information on the Chandos SACD releases as the initial release gets closer. We’ll provide you with an update at that time.