CES: Mitsubishi to Display Diamond 3D Projector

Mitsubishi has a whole slew of products ranging from consumer electronics to commercially available vehicles. Looking to keep the traditional alive, Mitsubishi will be taking center stage at next year’s CES to show off the Diamond 3D Projector, featured above.

This projector features a reflective LCD light engine capable of making a picture of up to 100-inches all while retaining the 3D effect. Also featuring a full 1080p HD resolution, the Diamond 3D projector has 2 HDMI 1.5 ports, a 120,000:1 contrast ratio and a bulb life of around 4,000 hours. While we don’t yet know when it will be hitting store shelves speculation has pinned the projector with a price tag right around the $5,000 mark.

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via lcdtv.net