CES 2010 Preview-The Sheer Array of Gear Astonishes

Oh man, folks, if there were a ticket I wish I had, it’d have to be the 2010 CES show going on this January in Las Vegas.  Because from the looks of things, it’s going to be a show unlike anything, well, since the last one.

This will be regarded as the first show of a new decade, which will be promptly followed by calendar wonks who immediately decry this as the LAST show of the OLD decade, because the new decade doesn’t start until 2011.  Remember, they’ll say, there is no year zero.

Anyway, the show promises to offer a whole lot of impressive displays, but without question the biggest thing that’ll be had here is the various internet applications that’ll be a huge part of this operation.  We’ve been talking almost relentlessly and at length about the various streaming video applications coming out.  Blockbuster, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and all the rest have been front and center for most of everybody for a good chunk of the year, and the possibilities will only go on from there.

Naturally, there’ll be tons of other gear there too, some truly amazing stuff–but if the word of the 2010 show isn’t “streaming video”, well, that’ll stun me.