CEDIA Gives D-Box Big Awards

Chances are you may not have heard of D-Box, or the GPH-120 motion system, but once you have, you’ll probably want one.  I do.

See, down at the CEDIA awards in Atlanta, Georgia, D-Box got an EXCITE award in the home theatre division for its motion box technology in the form of the GPH-120.  Now, what this does, is it hooks to a specialized kind of chair and moves the chair according to the action on screen.  If you’re playing, say, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X., and you bank left, the chair you’re in will bank left to match.

So far, the technology works with about eight hundred and fifty titles, with more coming out every day if the breathless pronouncements on the D-Box main site are to be believed.  In fact, most Blu-ray titles coming out these days come with D-Box motion code for use with the D-Box systems.  This means that, pretty soon, you’ll be able to watch movies with absolutely unprecedented realism.