CEDIA 2006: Yamaha Unveils Two New SACD & DVD Audio/Video Players

CEDIA 2006: Yamaha Electronics “unveiled” two new players in their Natural Sound product line that are capable of SACD, DVD Video and DVD Audio disc playback. The new models are the Yamaha DVD-S2700 and the DVD-S1700 players which are due out before year’s end.

In addition to handling SACD, DVD Video and DVD Audio discs in both Stereo and Surround Sound audio, both of the new models also handle MP3 Audio, JPEG Image, DivX Video and Windows Media Audio (WMA) files. Yamaha also notes that the players include RS-232C Serial Interfaces which are said to allow “easy integration and computer control in custom audio/video installations”.

Key Audio and Video Features
The DVD-S2700 and DVD-S1700 feature bass management for Super Audio CD and DVD Audio discs that is said to “routes the bass frequencies accordingly for the best performance from a multispeaker home theater system.” Both players also feature an “Audio Direct Mode” that both turns off the front panel display and video circuits during audio playback to insure that “audio playback is not compromised”.

Yamaha’s DVD-S2700 player has additional features to improve audio quality. They include “four top performance 192kHz/24-Bit 2-channel audio DACs and a large transformer exclusively for the audio section. Independent chambers for the power supply, and operational and video circuits prevent interference between sections.”

Both players include HDMI outputs and upconversion of video signals to 1080p for use with newer High Definition video displays. Yamaha notes that the new players also include video features such as “Noise Shaped Video, which improves the accuracy of signal representation and allows images to be displayed at much higher resolutions. Other advanced technologies and features that maximize image quality include Faroudja DCDi processing and 216 MHz/12-Bit Video DAC. Progressive scanning (for NTSC and PAL formats) delivers a smoother, film-like image when viewed on a high definition TV or large screen.”

Player Availability and Pricing
Both of Yamaha’s new players, the DVD-S2700 and DVD-S1700, will be available from Yamaha dealers in November 2006. The DVD-S2700 will have a list price of $999.95 and the DVD-S1700 will carry a list price of $449.95.