CEDIA 2006: Integra Shows DPS-6.7 SACD and DVD Audio/Video Multi-Format Disc Player at CEDIA 2006

CEDIA 2006: Integra Home Theater showed their new DPS-6.7 Disc Player at this weekend’s CEDIA Home Theater Convention. Integra refers to the DPS-6.7 as a “Multi-Format Player” rather than the more familiar Universal Disc Player label that component makers often give to disc players that can handle Surround Sound and Stereo SACD, DVD Video and DVD Audio formatted discs.

Prior to the announcement at CEDIA, Integra offered three such Multi-Format Players introduced in 2004 for SACD, DVD Video and DVD Audio discs. They are the DPS-10.5 player ($2,500), the DPC-8.5 6 disc changer ($700) and the DPS-6.5 player ($500). The DPS-6.7 is designed to take the place of the DPS-6.5 Multi-Format player in the Integra product line when it comes on the market.

Features of the Integra DPS-6.7
The Integra DPS-6.7 will play SACD, DVD Video and DVD Audio discs in both Stereo and Surround Sound. Integra says that the player’s audio section “features 192 kHz/24-bit linear PCM audio DACs coupled with the company’s exclusive Vector Linear Shaping Circuit (VLSC) for smoother and more linear analog output. It also includes Integra’s enhanced Direct Digital Path to ensure maximum fidelity of audio information delivered to the digital output jacks.”

Turning to the player’s video performance, like many new DVD players it offers video upsampling from standard DVD Video discs for use on High Definition displays as well as HDMI output.

Integra notes that the video section “features premium 108 MHz/14-bit video processing and a high quality internal deinterlacer/scaler that enables it to output video from conventional DVDs at resolutions of 480p, 720p, or 1080i via its rear-panel HDMI output. Additionally, the player includes both RCA and BNC component video outputs, as well as two sets of S-Video and Composite Video outputs for compatibility with any home theater display.”

Player Availability and Pricing
The new Integra DPS-6.7 Multi-Format SACD & DVD-Audio Player will be available from Integra dealers in October 2006. It will carry a suggested list price of $500.