Cary Audio High Resolution Audio Player

CEDIA 2006: Cary Audio Introduces Second High Resolution Audio Player

CEDIA 2006: Cary Audio has announced that they will be introducing their second High Resolution Audio Disc player, the DVD 8 All Format Disc Player, at next week’s CEDIA Home Theater Show. The CEDIA show will be held at the Denver Convention Center from September 13 – 17, 2006.

The DVD 8 is a follow on to the company’s highly rated CD 306 SACD disc player which debuted in 2005. It plays both Compact Disc and Super Audio CD discs in 2 Channel Stereo.

Cary’s New DVD 8 All Format Disc Player
Cary Audio’s new DVD 8 All Format Disc Player is a member of the company’s Cinema Series of products and will feature the playback of CD Audio and DVD Video discs. The DVD 8 will play back Super Audio CD and DVD Audio discs in 2 Channel and 5.1 Channel audio. It will also play back Video CD, CD-RW, DVD-RW and DVD+RW discs as well as support Dolby Digital and DTS encoded soundtracks.

Cary Audio says “The DVD 8 is an amazing all format disk player. The excellent sound quality is matched with a great picture. It will scale video signal outputs to as high as 720p or 1080i, offering both stereo and 5.1 analog audio outputs. It has HDMI for ease of use with new HD flat panel displays, as well as component video, S-Video and composite video outputs.

The range of multi channel DVD Audio disks has increased quite a bit in recent years. The live concert video disks that are coming out now are fun and they look great. The multi channel SACD disks have expanded in numbers as well. These new disk releases have led us to design and offer the DVD 8 player. It will be a great way to have flexibility, excellent sound quality and convenience as a playback component in anyone’s home audio or video system. Owners will be thrilled with the all format sound and vision experience of the DVD 8.”

The Cary CD 306 SACD Designer Series Disc Player
Cary’s initial foray into the high resolution audio maket came at the 2005 Consumer Electronics Show when they introduced their CD 306 SACD player. The CD 306 SACD is a CD and SACD player in the company’s Designer Series of products. It plays back CD and HDCD encoded Compact Discs, upsamples Compact Discs to 96, 192, 384, 512 or 768 kHz as well as offering playback of Stereo and Multichannel Super Audio CDs in 2 Channel Audio. The player features the Sony SCD-1 SACD/CD top-loading drive mechanism.

When playing back Super Audio CDs on the Cary CD 306 SACD player in Stereo, you have your choice of playing the CD Audio Stereo track, the SACD Stereo track or using the player’s down mix circuitry to play back the SACD Surround Sound tracks in Stereo. Cary notes that “SACD playback stays in pure DSD format all the way to the analog output section” with the CD 306 SACD player.

Other features of the CD 306 SACD include the use of 8 Burr Brown 1792u Digital to Analog Conversion (DAC) chips (run in parallel pairs, 4 DACs per channel), four power transformers, and your choice of XLR, RCA and Toslink Optical digital inputs and outputs.

Player Availability and Pricing
The new Cary DVD 8 All Format Disc player will be available from Cary Audio dealers in “late September” for $1,200. The Cary CD 306 SACD sells for $6,000 and is already available from Cary Audio dealers .