CEDIA 2002: Onkyo i Integra SACD/DVD-A Players [HFR]

In January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, several audio companies announced plans to introduce new products for the Christmas selling season that would include DVD Video, Multichannel SACD and DVD-Audio playback all in the same box. Several of these “universal player” are expected to be announced at the big CEDIA 2002 show later this week in Minneapolis.

Jumping the CEDIA gun a bit, Onkyo and its Integra unit have each announced that they will be shipping a universal Multichannel SACD/DVD Video/DVD Audio player in October. Here’s a bit more information on each player.

Onkyo DV-SP 800 Reference SACD/DVD Video/DVD Audio Player
The new Onkyo DV-SP800 universal player will be able to playback Multichannel SACD (Super Audio Compact Discs) and DVD-Audio discs as well as MP3 CDs and conventional DVD Video discs and CDs.

The DV-SP 800 will become Onkyo’s top of the line DVD player upon release. It features progressive scan DVD playback and is THX Ultra certified. The player uses Analog Devices NSV Precision Video 108 MHz/12-bit video D/A converters for the high quality picture reproduction. Its progressive scan component video outputs take advantage of HDTV monitor capabilities, and the player’s 3:2 pulldown circuitry removes video artifacts that can result from converting images shot on film to video displays.

For audio reproduction, the DV-SP800 features 192 kHz/24-bit D/A converters, and Onkyo’s Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC) to remove unwanted pulse noise which is said to give the player a smoother analog output signal. The player also features onboard DTS and Dolby Digital processing, as well as digital audio outputs for use with external processors. Onkyo’s exclusive Direct-Digital Path preserves signal integrity, bypassing redundant processing on signals to the coaxial and optical digital outputs. For reproduction of audio-only signals, the player’s video circuit can be switched off to deliver the purest audio output to either the digital or 5.1 analog RCA outputs.

The Onkyo DV-SP800 reference universal DVD player will be available in October at a suggested retail price of $1,000.

Integra DPS-8.3 SACD/DVD Video/DVD Audio Player

Integra is following in Onkyo’s footsteps by releasing their own top of the line, Universal Player that features Multichannel SACD, DVD Video and DVD Audio playback. The DPS-8.3 will also feature progressive scan DVD Video playback, a 108 MHz/12-bit video D/A converter, Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC). Like the Onkyo DV-SP 800 the Integra DPS-8.3 will also be THX Ultra certified.

The Integra DPS-8.3 SACD/DVD Video/DVD Audio Player will be available in October at a suggested retail price of $1,200.

In checking around, we learned that Evolution Audio and Video in Southern California will be among the dealers carrying the Integra DPS-8.3 player shortly. You may want to visit their web site at http://www.eavlaser.com/ and contact them for more details on that player.