Cavi Records Releases Stereo SACD by Andre Mehmari

Cavi Records, the audiophile record label started by Revista do Audio e Video (Audio and Video Magazine) in Brazil, his issued their second Super Audio CD release. The disc titled Lachrimae features Brazilian pianist and composer Andre Mehmari. It is another in the label’s series that features “the best of Brazilian Instrumental music”.

Lachrimae follows Cavi’s SACD release of Canto das Aquas by Andre Geraissati (Cavi Records SACD-001) which was billed as the first Super Audio CD issued in Brazil (see earlier article from High Fidelity Review linked below). Like Cavi’s previous release, Lachrimae is a Single Inventory Hybrid Layer Stereo Super Audio CD which serves as both the SACD and CD edition of this album. The disc features 14 selections, most written by Mehmari.

According to Cavi Records “Despite being a work of an artist that is ‘only’ 26 years old, Lachrimae is a mature album, filled with waltzes and ballads, in which the tears of the Latin title are those of joy and sorrow. If features facets that became Mehmari’s trademarks: the improvisations, the breathtakingly fluent performances, and the unique good humor; the refinement and the care with the beauty in the production of sound; and a dynamic range so rich that could not be reproduced without resorting to advanced recording techniques and leading edge technology, as in this record.”

Album Selections
1. Eternamente
2. Dindi
3. So Louco
4. Francisco
5. Amor Perfeito
6. Eternamente
7. Canto Primeiro
8. Uma Valsa em Forma de Avore
9. Lachrimae
10. Eternamente
11. Passarinhadeira
12. Pra Dizer Adeus
13. Segundo Tema
14. Carinhoso

Technical Information and Recording Credits
The album was recorded with high quality equipment throughout including a Manley Vox Box preamp, Millenia HDV-3 microphone preamp, Bryston 3B-ST and 14B-SST power amps, microphones from B&K (4006, 4007, 4011), Neumann (U47 & U87), Cad (VS2) and Sennheiser (MD 421), DSD converters from dCS (904, 954 & 972), Van Den Hul audio cables, Dynaudio C4 monitor speakers, a PS Audio AC Synthesizer for power and a Sonic Solutions HD3 Digital Work Station.

Lachrimae was produced by Fernando Andrette, recorded and mixed by Homero Lotito and Lucinei de Lima Luiz at Mayna Studio and mastered at Reference Mastering Studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The DSD transcription was done by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering Studios in Boulder, Colorado and the SACD was made by Sonopress in Germany.

The use of the best quality equipment comes through when listening to the SACD. It does a fine job of capturing Mahmari’s piano playing as well as the delicate brush strokes by percussionist and drummer Sergio Reze. As the Cavi Records folks say, it is indeed some fine Brazilian instrumental music here.

Andre Mahmari’s Super Audio CD is now available on the Revista do Бudio e Vнdeo (Audio and Video Magazine) web site in Brazil. It has also been picked up for sale by the Acoustic Sounds web site in the U.S. which is also carrying the label’s earlier Stereo SACD by Andre Geraissati.

Lachrimae by Andre Mehmari (Cavi Records SACD-002) and Canto das Aquas by Andre Geraissati (Cavi Records SACD-001)Lachrimae by Andre Mehmari (Cavi Records SACD-002) and Canto das Aquas by Andre Geraissati (Cavi Records SACD-001)