Casio XJ-S68 and XJ-S63 – World’s Thinnest 3500 Lumens DLP Projectors

Casio has newly unveiled the world’s slimmest 3500 Lumens DLP Projectors, the XJ-S68 and XJ-S63 in Japan. At just 44mm, the XJ-S68 and XJ-S63 features 2 X optical zoom, 1024?768 resolution and 1800:1 contrast ratio.

Both the projectors offer D-Sub input and have a RS-232C connector. Basically, these projectors are identical both in look and feature wise, except the USB HOST function available in the XJ-S68. The Casio’s XJ-S68 and XJ-S63 are expected to hit the market by 29 July for 348,000 and 328,000 Yen respectively.

Apart from the XJ-S68 and XJ-S63, Casio also introduces the XJ-S58 with 3000 lumens and the XJ-S39 with 2500 lumens. Both these projectors have USB HOST function and will cost 298,000 and 238,000 Yen respectively.

All four latest Casio projectors offer XVGA resolution and same contrast ratio of 1800:1.