Canton CD 90 Sound Bar

Here is another sound bar you should consider for your home theater setup. Boasting of a different kind of style, sleek 39.9-inch-long bar, coming in at 3.5 inches high and just under 4 inches deep. It’s available in silver or black brushed aluminum, with matching perforated metal grilles.

The CD 90 SB comes with a metal wall mount bracket and small rubber pads for buyers who prefer shelf mounting. The rubber pads are better than nothing, but we would have preferred a more substantial cradle, like the ones included on the Polk Audio SurroundBar 360.

As good as the Canton CD 90 is, the best sound bar that works with AV receivers was Definitive Technology’s SSA-50. That speaker outclasses the CD 90 SB on every count, and produces a more spacious, room-filling sound.

Price: $650.00

(Source) CNet