Canon Unveils Two New Mobile Projectors

Canon has invaded the mobile projection world as well with these two new mobile projectors. Mobile projectors are growing in fame and numbers and apparently Canon will not go out quietly. The two new projectors, LV7375 and the LV8300, hit Japanese stores today. The projectors feature a completely new design and are equipped with a carrying handle.

The LV7375 produces 3,500 lumens, comes with a 7W mono speaker and a 230W lamp, features 1,024?768 resolution, 500:1 contrast ratio and is equipped with quick start and direct power off buttons. It can produce 60-inch images from a distance of just 1.9m.
The LV8300 produces 3,000 lumens but at 1,280?800, it features better resolution. It just needs a distance of 1.7m to produce 60-inch images. Other than that, the technical specs are identical to the LV7375.

The LV7375 costs a whopping $3,700, while the LV8300 sets Japanese buyers back $3,200.

(Source) Crunchgear