Canon LCOS SX800 DLP Projector

Canon, the maker of superb cameras and projectors, is again in news for unveiling its new LCOS SX800 DLP Projector. Incorporating LCOS technology, this projector is capable of delivering superb imaging at a very competitive price point. This new projector comes packed with all the cutting-edge features and technologies.

The new Canon LCOS SX800 DLP Projector delivers 3000 lumens brightness with its Canon AISYS Optical System. Featuring 1.5 zoom lens with 10:0 lens offset, this new projector delivers a high contrast ratio of 900:1. Auto Keystone Correction and Auto Input Selection are some other great features of Canon LCOS SX800 DLP Projector.

Canon’s LCOS SX800 DLP Projector comes with a full three-year warranty. Sporting a stylish design that can blend with any environment. Its Quiet Mode provides a quiet operation and also extends the lamp lifetime of up to 2500 hours. This sleek and lightweight projector from the house of Canon delivers a native SXGA+ resolution of 1400 x 1050 pixels