Cannon PC will now offer SSDs on Media Center Systems

Cannon PC has proclaimed that they will be offering the solid state srives on their Media Center Systems. Enormous execution and reliability are the key characteristics of solid state disk drives which are grounded on SATA connectivity engineering and flash storage held in Cannon PC.Hard drives are 5 times slow paced than the SSDs employed in Cannon PC. Media Center therefore becomes profitable as it coolheaded and smoother.

‘Reliability, stability and performance are the key factors when we design our Media Centers.’ said Gregg Cannon, President of Cannon PC. ‘Since there are no moving parts, the MTF (mean time between failures) rate is 1,200,000 hours. This means less worry about system down time due to hard drive failure and means much faster performance.’

SSD Drives are scheduled to be available exclusively on the Cannon PC Pro A/V Series of Media Centers. These SSD drives will come installed with Windows Vista Operating system and will be available in 500 GB capacities.