Cannon PC Media Center with 6 Cable Cards

Cannon PC exhibited Media Center to manage 6 cable cards during Infocomm 2008. The media center offers a quiet low heat operation.

"We believe we are the first company to demonstrate such capabilities. Since Windows Vista for Media Center natively only supports 2 Cable Cards, we had to figure out how to modify the system in order to have it properly recognize more than 2 cards in the system" said Gregg Cannon of Cannon PC.

The digital Cable card enables the user to record the cable TV and premium HDTV channels directly on media center eliminating need of set top box. The USB and fire wire connections, 52-in-01 media card reader, front I/O, dual NTSC and HDTV tuners, Quad Core and Dual Core Processor and 8 GB of RAM makes it stand out in the industry.

Though the price has not been disclosed yet but you can get the information on Also the website and carries a video demonstrating the media center. The video displays 6 current recordings, ATI digital tuners and the low impact of process on resources and performance.

Via: Press