Canadians Really, REALLY Want Home Theatre

How bad, you wonder?  How about bad enough to steal it?

The blotter Jotters over at the Toronto Star posted this newsy bit, and now, I can pass it on to you:

Two men broke into a Sears store in Vaughan overnight taking two flat-screen TVs and a home theatre system that ended in a police chase and crash early this morning.  Responding to a broken glass alarm, police found the two suspects coming out of the store near Hwy. 407 and Weston Rd. shortly after 2 a.m.  The suspects fled and a police chase began.

Needless to say, these two were caught shortly thereafter and their loot was returned to the Sears in Vaughan.  Sears, you might be surprised to hear, actually does have a variety of home theatre equipment available, so it makes some sense that that’s where they hit.

I understand wanting home theatre, but wanting it enough to steal?  Come on, fellas…man up and save a few paychecks like everyone else!