Canadian Early Adopters Get Sweet Home Theatre Setups

I know, a strange way to go after a news post that’s also part “sweet home theatre setup” piece, but this piece is just entirely too cool to not pass on.

So here’s the deal: Videotron, a Canadian cable service, just recently got its one millionth subscriber.  But rather than give Mr. Johnny-Come-Lately a bucketload of free swag for being the newest guy on the roster, they went back to the source.

That’s right–they gave prizes to their FIRST subscriber.  More specifically, they gave him a sweet home theatre setup including, according to Videotron, a  50″ HD TV, Dolby Digital 5.1 receiver and five speakers), an illico high-definition Personal Video Recorder and full Videotron cable television service for one full year”.  Total value of this monster, roughly four thousand (I assume Canadian) dollars.

I have to admit, that’s actually kind of awesome.  The guy who won this, Louis Guimond of Le Gardeur in Quebec, probably didn’t even see it coming that he’d wind up getting big prizes for signing up for some new cable service way back in the dark depths of 1999.

So enjoy your sweet home theatre setup, Monsieur Guimond–laissez les bon temps roulon!