California Big Screen Ban Draws Business Ire

Not only are Californians sputtering over the recent push to ban the big screen, but local businesses are also weighing in.  Their own quotes speak for themselves very nicely, but from Los Angeles to San Francisco, home theatre and electronics retailers are firing back and hopping mad.  Check out what they had to say, straight from their own mouths:

LOS ANGELES: “This regulation is a bad idea in a good economy and a horrible idea in a recession. With Los Angeles facing nearly 13 percent unemployment – why is the state pursuing this costly and harmful regulation?” – Steve Caldero, Ken Crane Big Screen Headquarters

MONTEREY: “It’s ironic that the California Energy Commission is targeting one of the few bright spots in the economy. Televisions remain an affordable and convenient entertainment option for cash-strapped families.” – David Hearn, Carvid Systems Inc.

SACRAMENTO: “Why is the California Energy Commission proposing such a harmful regulation, especially when the state is suffering the worst unemployment rates since World War II?” – Charlie Martinez, Elk Grove Home Theater

SAN DIEGO: “What we need during these tough economic times is for the state to remove road blocks for small businesses like mine, not add more.” – Shawn Worst, Evolution Home Theatre, Inc.

SAN FRANCISCO: “With San Francisco facing nearly 10 percent unemployment, why is the California Energy Commission proposing a regulation that will ultimately drive jobs and tax revenues online or into nearby states like Oregon and Nevada?” – Barry O’Brian, Performance Audi

And these are just the tip of the iceberg.  Generally, when unemployment’s down and the economy’s souring, it’s a bad idea to pass restrictions on what people can and can’t buy.  Given that seventy to seventy five percent of the United States economy is consumer driven, the best way to recovery is to give the consumer lots of choices and plenty of cash to shop with.  Cut taxes and ease regulation when it comes to getting products to market.  We can worry about the environment later–we’ve done it this long….