Califone brings out the first and only MP3 Player Specifically for Students and Educators


Califone International has freshly introduced the first MP3 Player intended exclusively for school use. Califone has designed its MP3 player considering in mind the recommended decibel-level by ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) through its inventive Sentinel technology. This technique of Califone enables teachers to set the maximum audio permissible to 85 decibels. An additional educator-driven feature of the Califone MP3 player is its in-build electret microphone, which enables student to create pod casting which meets California NETS Technology Standard.

The user-friendly MP3 player has an industry-first dual headphone jacks, making it ultimate for education centers, verbal communication labs and libraries as it allows two headphones to be used at the same time throughout collective activities. The company’s teacher-tested 3060AVS headphones are normal tools with the MP3 player, which was calibrated for use with these highly praised headphones in part. The MP3 Player is prepared by rugged ABS plastic for resilience and classroom protection. The unit comes with the exclusive Califone warranty, covering school, early childhood center and library uses a guarantee usually not accessible for goods purchased from shopper electronics stores. Although, there is no word about the pricing and its availability in the store shelves till now. So, stay tuned till our next updation.