Cala Records Releases Relaxing SACD Surround Sound Music With Baby Cello Album

U.K. based Cala Records has released an album of relaxing music entitled Baby Cello as a Surround Sound Super Audio CD. Baby Cello features 13 instrumental selections that are performed by the London Cello Orchestra – a group of 24 Cello Players from well known orchestras based in the U.K. and 3 tracks performed by groups of Violin, Viola and Double Bass players.

Cala is a label that specializes in classical music and more specifically in music from players in London. Baby Cello is an album from their “London Orchestra Series”. This series was originally released as Stereo CDs and several of these titles are now being made available as Surround Sound SACDs.

About The London Orchestra Series and the New SACD Series Releases
Cala describes this series of recordings by noting that “The London Orchestra Series features 24 and 40 cellos, 48 violins, 48 violas and other single instrument orchestras have been formed from London’s finest musicians.”

Turning to their new SACD series releases, Cala notes that “Cala is dedicated to conveying the highest level of musical performance and audio quality to its listeners. In this respect, SACD technology offers a sound of greater warmth, depth and clarity than is possible with the conventional CD.”

Baby Cello
London Cello Orchestra
SACD Surround Sound/SACD Stereo/CD Audio

(Cala Records CACDS 4116)

As noted above, the Baby Cello album features a group of 24 cello players performing a number of well known classical and jazz standards. The songs have been selected to provide soothing and relaxing music for both adults and babys alike according to Cala. The album liner notes include endorsements from a Pediatrician in Baltimore and a Pregnancy and Birth Magazine in London to endorse their claims.

Cala also says that “Baby Cello offers the rich, velvety smooth sound of Cala’s world renowned cello orchestra, The London Cello Sound, arranged specifically for listening during that critical time of day when mother and child need the calm and peace that only beautiful music can provide. Baby Cello is the ultimate in music for infant and mother alike combining soothing classical music with well known jazz and folk melodies.” The new Surround Sound SACD was made by Sony DADC at their Hybrid SACD production line in Austria.

Album Selections
1. The Swan
2. Ave Maria
3. Greensleeves
4. Black Orpheus Manhг de Carnaval
5. The Dove La Paloma
6. Vocalise
7. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
8. El Condor Pasa
9. Begin the Beguine
10. A Child’s Folksong Modinha
11. Farewell to Cuba (Guest Track with 48 Violins)
12. Songs My Mother Taught Me (Guest Track with 48 Violas)
13. Blessing Kiddush (Guest Track with 9 Double Basses)
14. Satin Doll
15. The Girl from Ipanema
16. Coventry Carol

More SACD Releases from Cala Records
If you are interested in the Cala Records series of instrumental Surround Sound SACDs, they have several more in release and planned for the year ahead. These include:

Cala Records – Surround Sound SACDs – Now Available

  • Latin Cello – London Cello Orchestra (Cala Records CACDS 4109)
  • A Cello Christmas – London Cello Orchestra & The Choir of Clare College Cambridge (Cala Records CACDS 4115)

    Cala Records – Surround Sound SACDs – Coming Soon

  • 40 Cellos – The London Cello Orchestra (Cala Records CACDS 4104)
  • 48 Violins – The London Violin Orchestra (Cala Records CACDS 4105)
  • 48 Violas – The London Viola Orchestra (Cala Records CACDS 4106)
  • 16 Trombones – The London Trombone Orchestra (Cala Records CACDS 4108)
  • With Gary Karr – The London Double Bass Orchestra (Cala Records CACDS 4110)
  • 32 Horn Players – The London Horn Orchestra (Cala Records CACDS 4112)
  • Volume 1 – The London Trumpet Orchestra (Cala Records CACDS 4113)
  • Volume 2 – The London Trumpet Orchestra (Cala Records CACDS 4114)

    The SACD Surround Sound edition of Baby Cello by the London Cello Orchestra and the earlier Latin Cello and Cello Christmas Surround Sound SACDs are now available for purchase in music stores in Europe and the U.S. including Tower Records. Although I would note that the Tower Records folks seem confused on where to stock the SACD. At their Mountain View store in Silicon Valley, it was initially marked and stocked in the Childrens section and then later the word “Childrens” on the stickers were crossed out and changed to “Classical” when the SACD was moved to that part of the store! Clearly it’s an SACD that appeals to multiple audiences.

    The Baby Cello SACD is also available on the web through sites including Buy.Com, 3Deers.Com, SSM Music and Amazon.Fr (France).