Cadeka is proud to launch 7 high speed comlinear amplifiers in a bandwidth ranging from 500Mhz to 1.5GHz. The latest line up include single and triple CFB amplifiers CLC1606, CLC1650, CLC3605 and single and triple VFB amplifiers CLC1006, CLC1004, CLC1014, CLC3004.

"These 7 amplifiers are examples of our strong commitment to providing cost effective, amplifier solutions for high-end video and instrumentation applications," explains Gary Ross, CADEKA’s Chief Executive Officer. "With 3 products above 1GHz that are priced below $1 per channel, CADEKA is well positioned at becoming the price-performance leader."

Signal stability and fidelity are augmented in professional and broadcast video applications, thanks to large signal 0.1dB gain flatness. An output current of 100mA and high speed makes them perfect for high-definition video switching and distribution. The CLC1606 operates with 1.2GHz bandwidth at G=2, the CLC1605 and CLC3605 operates at 1.5GHz at G=1.

The CLC1004 / CLC1014 / CLC3004 operates at 750MHz bandwidth at G=2 and CLC1006 operates at 500MHz at G=2. While the CLC100, CLC1014 are priced at $0.40, the CLC1006 is priced at $0.38. The CLC1605 and CLC1606 are available for $0.63. Most expensive is CLC3605 with $1.77 and then comes CLC3004 with price $1.35.

Via: Press