Cablevision Optimum brings hundreds of channels and VOD to the iPad

For some reason, I keep hearing word about Time Warner’s iPad app, and how channels are being added and possibly subtracted from it. This would be the first time I am hearing about Cablevision Optimum and their plan.

This Optimum for the iPad gives the user the ability to access about 300 channels, and it can be registered on three iPads per account and any two at the same time.

Additional features include the ability to set up DVR recordings, browse TV listings, as well as deleting recorded shows. According to my source, “the company states that since it is delivering channels over the digital cable network and not the internet (no ‘net service required) it believes this use is covered by existing carriage agreements”.

Unfortunately, Cablevision Optimum won’t act as a remote for the cable box, but this service is coming. I guess we are really looking at an age where cable is on the iPad, at hopefully a reduced price. How many have cut the cable already?