Bury Your Subwoofer-Bay Audio HomeBase

From the headline above, you may have thought I’ve lost my mind, but the Bay Audio HomeBase Sub is actually designed to be BURIED.

It’s an outdoor subwoofer, with a cabinet made from underground-rated PVC pipe that produces bass up to ninety decibels from a hundred feet away.A  You bury the thing in a hole measuring twenty five inches by thirteen inches fourteen inches deep, and a six-inch port sticks out eight inches above the ground, from which the bass emerges.

Bay Audio, the designers of the thing,A  recommend that you use their rack 500 watt PowerPack for amplification.A  And just the HomeBase sub by itself will set you back a whopping three grand.

I see a lot of strange possibilities with this–one, don’t try mowing your lawn anywhere near that subwoofer post unless you’re REALLY sure of yourself.A  I’d hate to try digging that thing up because a mower clipped the eight-inch port.A  Two, what if you had a mole problem…and you buried the thing completely?A  Then you crank up something with a lot of bass…maybe you don’t have a mole problem any more.A  I wonder if you could play Dragonforce and run them off the lawn completely….

Anyway, for three grand a pop, I’m not likely to try it soon.A  But if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining and have deep pockets, this may be just what you need.