Burr-Brown Release the First DSD A/D Converters

Texas Instruments Burr-Brown division have unveiled the world’s first Direct Stream Digital (DSD) analogue to digital converters. DSD is the same single-bit technology used by SACD, so the new TI devices will allow the development of consumer electronics components with native DSD processing.

The PCM1804 is a differential input 24-bit analogue to digital converter with a 192kHz maximum sampling rate, a dynamic range of 112dB and THD+N of -102dB. Using a proprietary architecture and companion analogue circuitry, the PCM1804 provides direct 64fs 1-bit streaming data from the modulator output, enabling it to fully comply with DSD specifications. The PCM1804 utilizes TI’s unparalleled silicon technology, allowing the device to maintain maximum power efficiency while minimizing space. The 1804 also contains a built-in anti-aliasing digital filter with -100dB stop-band attenuation and ±0.005dB pass band ripple. The device uses a dual-voltage power supply at 5V analogue and 3.3V digital with ±2.5 V differential inputs. Moreover, the PCM1804 has a selectable master/slave audio interface and system clock speeds of 128, 256, 512 and 786 fs. The PCM1804 is packaged in a 28-pin SSOP and suggested resale pricing is $4.95 in quantities of 1,000.

TI also announced the PCM1802 stereo analogue to digital converter with single-ended input, featuring 24-bit sampling and a 96 kHz maximum sampling rate. The PCM180x family also includes the PCM1800 20-bit stereo ADC and the PCM1801 16-bit ADC. The PCM1802 is packaged in a 20-pin SSOP and suggested resale pricing is $3.95 in quantities of 1,000.

The next-generation digital audio market forming around new audio formats like SACD and DVD-Audio is showing astounding growth…” said Yuzo Sugiki, marketing manager, TI Digital Audio.