Burmester 911 MK3 Power Amplifier


Burmester 911 MK3 Power Amplifier is outstanding in producing high-end audio output. Balanced with the huge power supply with a continuous peak current of 40A and power output of 350 watts into 4 ohms stereo and 770W/4 ohms mono, 911 is no doubt a real hot rod. Low overall negative feedback and a very high damping factor is completely DC coupled. This may be amped by external bi-amping adapters and the most alarming fact is that each channel has eight selected power transistors in it. While switching it on, MK3 runs very smoothly and silently, with slight warmth associated with high-powered solid state amplifiers. For delivering excellent quality music the Burmester 911MK3 amplifier has been awarded the very first Audiophilia Star Component Award.

Via: Audiophilia