Buffalo BR-816FBS-BK World’s fastet Blu-ray recorder


Buffalo recently unveiled its Blu-ray recorder claiming it to be the world’s fastest recorder. While the BR-816SU2 is available as an external recorder, the BR-816FBS-WH in white color and BR-816FBS-BK in black color is available as internal versions.

The recorder enables you to burn single-layer Blu-rays at 8x speed and a double layer disc with speed up to 2x. You can easily connect the external version of recorder through a USB2.0 jack and internal version through Serial ATA. Burn CD-RWs with 24x and DVD ±R discs with 16x.

You have to shell our $420 for the external version and $370 for the internal version of the blu-ray recorder which isn’t too high a price keeping in mind the features it offers.