Buffalo BKBUW03 series wireless keyboard


Buffalo has been active in delivering great computer peripherals in the industry. Recently, the company announced its latest BKBUW03 Series of wireless Keyboard available in two color options viz. BKBUW03BKA (black) and BKBUW03WHA (white). The keyboard of 2.4GHz band will be available along with a wireless mouse from Late October at a price of 12,600 Yen.

BKBUW03 series wireless operation range 10m. The keyboard like other Japanese keyboards has 109 keys. The Optical Mouse proided with the keyboard boasts of 500dpi/1000dpi resolution. The products come with a USB receiver.

Both the wireless keyboard and the mouse are compatible with OS Windows Me/2000/XP/MCE 2004/MCE 2005/Vista and Mac OS X 10.4. The mouse derives power of operation from a single 4 electric battery ?2 whereas the keyboard uses single 3 electric battery ?2.

Via: Impress