BT-87-TP: Keyboard with bluetooth

Nowadays more keyboards are wireless, right? That is probably one of the main reasons that made iKey release a new bluetooth keyboard codenamed BT-87-TP. A strange name for a keyboard that resembles a car’s license plate, but that is another story.

The second reason for the existence of this keyboard, is the uncommon inclusion of a touchpad. Most keyboards don’t come with a touchpad, but that is when it becomes special because there is certainly a group of people that will enjoy this extra feature.

The iKey bluetooth keyboard needs 2AA batteries to work, and is resistant to water, ice, dust, dirt, and corrosives. Silicone rubber and ABS polycarbonate case were the material used in the creation of the keyboard.

It is an ideal fit for mobile, material handling, food and beverage processing, medical, and other environments where rugged flexibility is a necessity.

BT-87-TO Keyboard