Broadcom Single-Chip Cable Set-Top Box

Broadcom Corporation has recently announced its new digital-to-analog system on a chip solution. The set-top-box can provide cable operators with an amazing and effective device to transfer analog cable customers to digital broadcasting with assistance of a single chip.

The latest Broadcom chip also helps in expanding network capability, which is needed to offer extra high definition substance. The chip is also used by manufacturers to build DTA converter boxes for Comcast.

"Broadcom is a major supplier of SoC solutions for the converter box market and we are very excited to support the nation’s transition from analog to digital broadcasting by enabling cable STB manufacturers with a leading DTA chip," said Daniel Marotta, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Broadcom’s Broadband Communications Group.

The cable operators can also move fast with cost effective manner to all digital infrastructures by providing digital video and audio services to analog cable customers. The adapters are much helpful for the cable operators to deliver analog and SD televise signals.

The Broadcom single chip, made in 65 nanometer, also offers superb and extraordinary benefits for users. It comes with lower power consumption, higher CPU and amazing memory capability to change the channels quickly. The latest and high-end DTA chip is quite helpful and can be used in a lot more terrestrial broadcast designs.

The Broadcom DTA single-chip is under manufacture and will reach the market soon. Its price is available upon request.