Brian Dobbs ‘The History of Recorded Music’ on DVD-Audio

Independent musician Brian Dobbs has announced the release of his upcoming debut album, The History of Recorded Music, on December 18, 2006. The disc will be released as set comprising CD, DVD-Video disc and DVD-Audio disc.

Written, performed, produced, financed and documented entirely by Brian Dobbs, this all-encompassing three-disc set experiments with different styles and soundscapes, with a focus on melodic patterns.

Dobbs packages a bass-heavy stereo mix on a uniquely styled vinyl CD. The second disc features DVD footage from the studio, an extensive on-camera interview and music videos for each song. Remarkably, Dobbs includes a personally remixed version of the entire album in 5.1 DVD-Audio surround-sound as the third disc.

Busy performing with progressive metal act Concrete Prophet, Dobbs still manages to develop and maintain the website (link below). The site offers insights to his recording experience and provides extensive information to those interested in writing and recording their own album.

Track List:

  1. Breathe, Into My Soul
  2. Biolume
  3. Needle Whip
  4. The Spirits of Tomorrow
  5. Superior(ity)
  6. Stand the Test of Time
  7. X Max
  8. Light Emitting Diad
  9. Breathe, Into My Soul (reprise)

Video clips and audio samples can be downloaded from Brian’s website. The discs can be ordered there too, priced at $13.99.