Brabus moving home theater set-up does 3D

You might remember the other day when we reported on the Star Wars movie Theater, that, coupled with the Death Star home movie theater, is probably one of the coolest home theater set-ups ever. This particular home theater is in a home on wheels, and it is a Mercedes -Benz tuner Brabus theater.

It has a 40-inch 3D model, which has a Playstation 3, Internet connected Mac Mini, not to mention a lot of iPads. In case you are wondering, there is also a Keurig coffee machine, in case you need some extra energy.

Just to let you know, this Brabus has a 6.1 liter V-08 that will bring this theater from 0 to 60 in six seconds.

I once heard about home theater buses, and this one certainly goes a whole lot faster. Even though it doesn’t probably doesn’t hold as many people. It is good that it does 3D and looks quite comfortable.