Boxee Box To Feature $199 Price Tag, November Launch

We just told you about the $99 Apple TV which got announced today. This device is Apple’s refresh to the original Apple TV featuring no internal storage and a hefty reliance on streaming. As many of you home theater heads probably already know, the Apple TV is essentially a media extender – which already has a market for itself.

In fact, Google is expected to launch their Google TV platform later this year with hardware manufacturers like Logitech with their Revue set top box already signed on.

However, another competitor in the media extender market is Boxee. Boxee is the successor to the popular XBMC platform and will power the Boxee Box set-top-box. While we’ve told you its specs in the past, what we haven’t told you is a price point.

Today, we have solid news that the Boxee Box will sell for $199 and hit store shelves this Number.

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