Boxee Box Gets Updated With Vudu & More

There are many different home theater boxes that will give you functionality like streaming content, browsing the web and more. As of late two of the most popular have been Apple TV and Google TV powered devices. However, another fully capable competitor that we’ve heard a decent amount about is the Boxee Box.

The Boxee Box is made by D-Link and gives consumers a whole range of home theater oriented tasks. Well, today the Boxee Box has been updated with support for Vudu streaming. This is on top of the Netflix functionality that was already included in the factory Boxee Box. Those who sign up for Vudu’s service will be given $5.99 worth of credit which is good for a full HDX rental.

Several other fixes were included such as the ability to ignore “the” or “a” in titles while sorting and the ability to better handle HTTPS requests while using the Boxee Box’s web browser.

via engadgethd