Boxee And Roku To Add Adult Content?

This is not exactly a use we consider very often, but if it goes through, I’d say that Boxee and Roku might get themselves a little bit of an edge in the upcoming, and possibly final format war, the streaming war.

Seems that Boxee and Roku are looking to add “adult content” (read: porn) to their lineups.  In fact, Boxee has about half a dozen pieces on its applications menu out of about three hundred total entries, that might be considered adult in nature, something that places like YouTube and iTunes won’t tackle.  Apparently, it’s just a flip of a switch away in Boxee’s settings menu (which in turn can be password protected to keep out the kids).

Speaking as strictly from a business point of view, wow.  The market for adult material has generally not diminished overmuch with the passage of time, and even has a decent showing in economic disasters.  The thought of being able to get porn on demand probably has a lot of people drooling in anticipation.

Considering further the somewhat cyclical nature of the streaming war thus far–no one gets ahead for very long and any edge is fought over tooth and nail–this may well be that little extra push that gets Boxee and Roku up to the top, at least for a while.  Is it only a matter of time until porn on demand reaches every home?  Only time will tell.