Bose Unveils A 46-Inch LCD TV With Quality Built-In Sound

Today, Bose announced the launch of their new 46-inch LCD TV called the VideoWave. Interestingly enough, this TV set actually comes equipped with high quality, built-in sound, according to CrunchGear. Apparently, built-in sound being put into the LCD TV itself is Bose’s solution for handling the complications of setting up a home theater system. It cut backs down on the need for multiple wires, cords, remotes and speakers.

Furthermore, the VideoWave also features a unique remote control and interface system. The remote itself consists of a few actual buttons while the rest of its functions are operated with a scroll pad that’s similar to one of an iPod. Then the screen has an on-screen interface that you activate by touching the screen, of course, leaving you free to manipulate the menu content.

You can also switch between sources and menu content with the source button on the remote and then navigate the menu with the on-screen interface. However, such an amazing LCD TV doesn’t come cheap, considering the $5,349 price tag and that’s with delivery included. But this machine from Bose might be worth the investment to improve your home theater experience if you’ve got the money to spend.