Bose Lifestyle 28 Home Theater System Review-Unbelievable All Around

I don’t come in contact with a lot of Bose hardware.  They don’t NEED to put out a lot of different models, because whatever they put out is of amazing quality at prices so huge that they only need to sell a few dozen of each to more than make their money back.  Bose is the high-end stuff, folks, and anyone who gets within range of a Bose Lifestyle 28 home theater system will be able to tell that much.

The Bose Lifestyle 28 home theater system offers the Adaptiq system that customizes sound output according to your room’s specific characteristics, the well-known Acoustimass module that produces incredible surround sound from one small box, a horizontal center channel speaker, four direct / reflecting speaker arrays, and a DVD player.

You may wonder how that little bit of stuff retails for eighteen hundred bucks.  You may further wonder how anyone in their right mind could sell them used at twelve hundred.  But I assure you that, should you decide to shell out the cash for this setup, it will be worth it.  Seriously.  There’s no qualifiers on this one.  I don’t care if your room is big or small, thinly insulated or soundproof, because this speaker system is absolutely AMAZING in its sheer depth and quality.  Just plain old AMAZING.  I was quite literally blown away when I heard it, and the volume was only a bit off mute.  I couldn’t believe the monster sound I was getting out of these tiny speakers and this single boxy array.

It’s unparalleled, folks–you’d need theater speakers to compete, and they’d cost a whole lot more than eighteen hundred bucks.  So if you must have the best for your setup, consider the Bose Lifestyle 28.  It’ll do more than you’d ever conceived.