Bose 3-2-01 GS Home Theater System Review-Absolutely Amazing

I’m always kind of awestruck when I tackle anything from Bose, because despite the whopping huge price tag, they never–not once!–fail to impress me with how they get such massive sound out of such a tiny system.  And the Bose 3-2-01 GS is no exception.

The Bose 3-2-01 GS home theater system offers support for most any kind of disc-based recorded media (any DVD and any CD, specifically), the Videostage 5 system which will manage to even augment the sound delivered from videocassettes or old mono television shows, AM / FM radio, a 2.1 channel amplifier with built-in surround sound decoder, the Bose standard Acoustimass module for that unbelievable bass, HDMI output that will upconvert your standard DVDs, three analog audio inputs, three digital audio inputs, one optical audio input, one composite video input, one S-video input, one digital output, one HDMI output and one S-video output.

Folks, if you want incredible sound quality and you’re not afraid to drop a thousand bucks on a system then the Bose 3-2-01 GS might just blow your MIND.  Seriously, every time I hear this thing in action I get chills, because it’s just amazing.  You can feel the bass, and I mean feel it, inside you.  That low rumbling shakes you to your very CORE. It is, indeed, “kidney-thumping bass”.

It’s a complete system in a box, and its quality is just unbelievable.  That thousand bucks you’d pay for this is almost a bargain, and it’s especially great if your home theater is in a very small space.  So if you’re not afraid of the price tag and you want incredible performance, definitely lend an ear to the Bose 3-2-01 GS.