Bluegrass Meets 60s Surf Music on SACD

In the last year the popularity of Bluegrass Music has skyrocketed. One sign that this is continuing is the decision of Top Music International in Hong Kong to team up with California-based Highland Records to remaster and issue on a Hybrid Stereo SACD the album “The Vultures” by Joe Weed. The album’s DSD remastering and authoring was done by the Philips SACD team based in the Netherlands.

“The Vultures” album was originally released in 1995 on Compact Disc by Highland Records. It features musician/producer Joe Weed leading a group of well known musicians including Norton Buffalo, David Grisman, Rob Ickes and Todd Phillips as they perform a variety of surf tunes and instrumental hits from the ’60s and ’70s bluegrass style.

Featured Performers
Joe Weed – Guitars, Fiddles, Mandolins
Norton Buffalo – Harmonica
David Grisman – Mandolin
Rob Ickes – Dobro
Todd Phillips – Bass

Album Tracks
1. Pipeline
2. Apache
3. Sleepwalk
4. Walk, Don’t Run
5. Rebel Rouser
6. Stranger on the Shore
7. Green Onions
8. Alley Cat
9. Wipeout
10. Last Date

The Vultures by Joe Weed (Top Music International SACD-1028) is available from Top Music International in Hong Kong (see web link below).