BluCobra EZ3000 Is a Cheap Blu-ray Player

In case you just happened to realize that Blu-rays are clearly the way to go for better movies and sound, then you definitely have to check out BluCobra EZ3000 when deciding what player to buy for yourself.

ezGear is the company behind the EZ3000 and the player is supposed to be a low-cost Blu-ray player. The BluCobra EZ3000 will be available at CES 2009 so you should definitely check it out. We’re going to see it in stores only in March 2009 and here are its main features: HDMI 1.3, analog and digital 7.1 outputs, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master audio processing. Unfortunately this player doesn’t have Profile 2.0 and it doesn’t come with an Ethernet port. We’re not that interested in the port but we definitely want that profile.

We have no price for this cheap Blu-ray player yet but CES 2009 should reveal it.