Blu-ray version of Unstoppable to come with an Android Version

I’m not certain if Unstoppable is the first film to do this, but there is an Android version of the film on the Blu-ray copy.

This doesn’t surprise me, as most movies are coming to DVD have a digital copy of the movie. Some Blu-ray have copies of their films for the iPad and iPhone.

To actually watch all that content on an Android handset, customers do need to jump through a few hoops. For one, they need a legitimate copy of “Unstoppable” and a Wi-Fi-connected Blu-ray player that supports BD Live. In addition, they will need to be running Android 1.6 or higher and have the Pocket Blu Android app on their device. Once all the pieces are in place, the digital copy file can be transferred to the handset, so people can watch the film wherever they are.

With Netflix on Android, I can see what is going on with Android and entertainment, and I like it.