Blu-Ray Issues

Now even more film studios will begin offering Blu-ray Disc movies with an included DVD, according to a recent report by Video Business. The article mentions that Marley & Me, for instance, will be handled this way and that Disney is planning to release seven Blu-ray-DVD packages this year. While several Blu-ray movies include a Digital Copy that allows you to copy the movie to a computer, a standard DVD is compatible in more locations. One of the greatest drawbacks to buying Blu-ray movies currently is their lack of portability.

Since a Blu-ray Disc will play only where you have a Blu-ray player, a lot people often can’t watch their new movie in the office, bedroom, on a plane or in any other place where they only have a DVD player. The packaged combos may also make the comparatively high cost of Blu-ray movies easier to handle.