Blu-ray and DVDs Still Reign in U.S. Households

Physical media like Blu-ray and DVDs still reign in U.S. household spending for buying or renting movies. Discs draw in 88 percent of spending. For all the excitement over downloads, they still have only three percent of the movies-on-video market. This news was issued in the NPD Group’s “Entertainment Trends in America” report. Out of an average monthly video movie budget of $25, the majority was spent on DVD purchases, at 63 percent. Add another seven percent for Blu-ray and 70 percent of consumers are still buying physical media. Add in another 18 percent for DVD and BD rentals and the total is 88 percent.

Of the 12 percent expenditures for non-physical media, nine percent went to video on demand and just three percent to downloads and streaming. Nevertheless, there’s a bit more programming coming through the non-disc digital pipeline this year than there was last year. Nine percent of consumers streamed movies in the past three months, versus five percent last year, and eight percent rented a download, versus four percent last year. Even among downloaders, the desire to rent or buy physical media is still strong.