Blockbusters Not Out Yet-New Tech Emerges

You ever see some of those old World War 2 dramas on the History Channel or whatever where they talk about the last days of the Third Reich?  How there were all these baffling ideas coming out of the German labs, some ludicrous and some amazing?  Well, that’s kind of what watching Blockbuster Video these days is like.

We’ve talked about some of the stuff that Blockbuster has on tap–the DVD kiosks, the digital download kiosks that let you transfer movies to a USB card or memory card to watch at home via a set top box, the various alliances with Blu-ray disc player makers.  But there’s a new one that even I hadn’t heard of yet–and one that I don’t think Netflix has been in a posture to match.

Seems Blockbuster is working with Motorola on a variety of cell phone that’ll allow movies to stream to your cell phone.  Naturally, they can’t do this with the iPhone, as it’d put Blockbuster in direct competition with iTunes, but for other brands like Nokia, Samsung and of course Motorola, it’s fair game.

You’ve definitely got to hand it to Blockbuster–they’re not taking their drubbing lying down.  But let’s just hope that this incredible spate of advancement doesn’t come too late to save them.